“Typically other people’s problems seem simpler, uncomplicated and easier to solve than those of one’s own society. In this context, the decontextualized hunger and homelessness in Haiti, Cambodia or Vietnam is an easy moral choice. Unlike the problems of other societies, the failing inner city schools in Chicago or the haplessness of those living on the fringes in Detroit is connected to larger political narratives. In simple terms, the lack of knowledge of other cultures makes them easier to help.

This imagined simplicity of others’ problems presents a contrast to the intangible burdens of post-industrial societies. Western nations are full of well-fed individuals plagued by less explicit hardships such as the disintegration of communities and the fraying of relationships against the possibilities of endless choices. The burdens of manic consumption and unabated careerism are not as easily pitied as crumbling shanties and begging babies. Against this landscape, volunteerism presents an escape, a rare encounter with an authenticity sorely missed, hardship palpably and physically felt — for a small price.”



a 14 year old indian kid figured out that if the federal government changed their official font from times new roman to garamond they could save $234 million a year (source)

his name is Suvir Mirchandani

omitting identity from these things is how poc contributions and achievements end up getting erased altogether

his name is Suvir Mirchandani

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I miss #summer, sleeping in my bed with visibly dirty feet cause I was doing damn #activies in flip flops all day and fell asleep drunk at 1:00am after not taking a shower


atticus finch was the original hot dad

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life advice from 1:29 am:

-go to talks

-if you feel like staying up to see the sunrise, go to bed immediately

-keep track of drinks on your hand

-look for the rainbows because they are everywhere

-breathe in really deep

-don’t recycle important documents

-love the darkness and creases under your eyes

-take your medicine on time

-check the weather before going to breakfast

-sing yourself to sleep

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Good one, ESPN. Apparently you can now hit home runs in the NBA




stop this man

im calling the fucking cops

i have obama on the phone

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